School as an organization is a complex entity and it is a fact that you guys are doing a fantastic job maintaining this complex entity. But recent changes in current scenerio we must employ new technolgies to Report and Organize traditional management techniques. School Solution Online is our effort to employ new technologies.

Employees are key entity to any organization so is true for Schools but down the line it is a tedious task to keep record of every employee, We School Solution Online have dedicate the entire module to manage employees and assign them roles according to their workloads. We also have provision for separates spaces for employees where they can login and complete assigned tasks.

Homework is essecial for all round developement of children, but sometimes students tends to skip homeworks due to several reasons, what if we can provide a way so that we can share homeworks directily to parents. We have HOMEWORK Module to do this job where teachers can give homework to according to their classes and share homeworks by Direct Communication or Indirect Communication. Direct Communication or Indirect Communication are explained beriefly in Communication Module.

Attendance is tedious taks to do and even difficult to manage. Remember those bulky registers where you have to find out Student strength present today or Students Absents for several days. We have done a fangtastic job to help you manage Attendance in efficient and easy manner. Where we have seperate spaces for Marking attendance by teachers and Reports according to authorized employees. we also have integrated communication module with attendance module so that you can send PRESENT or ABSENT status of child.

We have employed a very potent communication module that integrates like a charm with various module, like Homework, GatePasses. We have seperate modules for employees as well as students moreover Authorization for Communication Module is handled with utmost care. Communication models consists of Direct Communication i.e communication through Traditional sms and Indirect Communication i.e in app built in messaiging protocol that allow to send messages from authorized person to various roles in form of messages and tasks, Messaging Protocols also allows to communicate to Android Application with seamless Integration.

With utmost care and numerous exersises we have develeoped A Fee module that fit your need we don't want to brag about it just book a demo with us and see it in action.

Examination management deals with on campus examination where you can inititate exam schedule, Distribute Hall Tickets and serve results on the go.

Student safety should be the first priority, Hence we have included Gatepass Module to help you manage student in school presence.